28 May 2014

AdiRUNdack Trail Series - Race 4 - 27 May 2014

This week I learned several things:
  • My fitness is finally at the point where I can hike for hours at a time and not burn out.
  • The black flies are out all over the place, and biting at lower elevations.
  • I swell up at the site of black fly bites like some people swell up from mosquito bites.
  • I'm finally capable of running a 9 minute mile.
  • It takes more than 5 hours for a large burrito to pass through my stomach.
  • I can run a 9 minute mile with a burrito trying to escape.

On that pleasant note, the AdiRUNdack Trail Series has come to a close.  Kevin and Elizabeth Emblidge carried the series for their respective genders.  Susan Thompson and Tylor Duguay took second, and Joe Porter took third for the men.  The third place women's slot was a close one, with Gabriella Frittelli managing to hold on to her lead over Dennie Swan-Scott by 25 seconds.  All told, 66 runners made it out for all four races.  Congrats to everyone who participated in the series, and in individual races!

Today's race was easily the warmest of the series, with a temp around 80ยบ F for the start of the race.  The biggest change I noticed was that the run up toward the water tower was not flooded with sunlight.  As I neared the top of that, I kept hearing clicking noises, like someone was on a bike right behind me, but every time I glanced back, I couldn't see one.  Finally, as the trail started to descend, I saw a pack of mountain bikers making their way along a different path.

As I hit the track for the final stretch, I was happy to see my family there, cheering me on.  It took a little while, but I managed to sprint some of the track, coming in at 29:48.  Once we were all back in, Rebecca started the raffle and then the awards ceremony.  After that, we all headed up to get ice cream and then head home.  I can't wait to race here again next year.

Next up is Savoy Mountain, in August.  I'm starting my mileage build this week.

Until next time...

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  1. 2015 AdiRUNdack Trail Series in t-minus 3 days.....saw you have signed up again and can't wait to see how you fair this year compared to last! See you soon!