17 January 2014

Sawyer Mountain - 14 Jul 2013

(The TARDIS takes us back to July, now. Don't forget your bug spray.)

I set out one July weekend day with the intention of going for a walk and possible run over at the Hennig Preserve. 10 minutes into the drive I realized that what I really wanted to do was hike up a mountain. I didn't have enough time for anything too strenuous, but I knew of a few shorter trails relatively close to home. (I've been working on finding short and sweet hikes, for when I get to bring family members out.) I settled on Sawyer Mt, a 1 miles hike up by Indian Lake. I knew it wouldn't be enough to fully satisfy my craving, but it would be better than nothing. I confirmed with my spouse that she was OK with my sudden change in plans and headed out.

I arrived in Indian Lake and stopped at the Grand Union to grab a snack, only to find that the store had finally closed for good. I headed on to the peak. (I don't remember why I didn't stop at Stewart's or the shop just south of town, but I assume it had to do with the traffic. I know that Hamilton County prides itself on having no stop lights, but a light at the intersection of routes 28 and 30 in Indian Lake would really help when the town is busy.)

Vantage Point
View From the Ledge Just Past the Summit of Sawyer Mountain

I parked at the trailhead, sprayed on some bug spray and got hiking. Immediately it became apparent that my bug spray (California Baby) wasn't phasing the mosquitoes. I hiked as fast as I could, and topped out in less than 30 minutes. I walked past the summit to check out the view from a nearby ledge. It was decent, but the mosquitoes wouldn't let me longer to take it in. I explored a little bit, looking for herd paths to other viewing areas, and found none. So, I booked it back to the car.

The hike back was uneventful, and I headed back home. My cravings were at least partially satisfied, though I wouldn't have minded a little more elevation and a lot fewer bugs. Still, it was nice just to get out.

(Next up, a High Peak, a mistake, a wounded pup, and the conclusion of our journey backward through time.)

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