30 October 2012

Motivation: Breathing

Last night was rough.  My allergies had been acting up for several days, but they had remained at a manageable level.  However, last night I had one of the worst attacks I've had in quite a while.  Strung out on meds, I called in sick, and was reminded of a period in my life when this happened once a month.  I also reminisced on another period in my life, when I rarely got sick, even though I hadn't yet been diagnosed with allergies.

The difference?  My activity level.  At one end of the spectrum I was driving a desk, a car, and a couch.  At the other end, I was working out hard several times a week, eating well, and undoubtedly in the best shape of my life (excluding childhood, I suppose).

So, this week's motivation for getting myself out of this rut?


Being able to breathe.

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